Do you play songs not included on your song list?

Our published song list represents only a portion of our complete repertoire, so we may already know a song you want. If we don’t know it, we specialize in learning new material just for you.

Because we want to be accommodating to everyone that we work with, we have set up the following criteria for songs not on our list.

If we do not already know the song, we are happy to give you one special request per function.

We will need the sheet music and a digital recording of the song six weeks before the event. Some good resources for sheet music are Volkweins Music store (1-800-553-8742),and If sheet music is not available, we would suggest an alternative song, or could play the actual compact disc.

Occasionally, we must turn down a request. Some reasons why would be: graphic or offensive lyrics, computerized music, out of range, very obscure, etc. We would again suggest an alternative song.